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Nowadays almost everybody has a Facebook profile, and individuals prefer it for all kinds of activities: seeing videos with the volume off, seeing at your friend’s holiday pictures, or normally speaking to friends and relatives who stay far away from you. But many teenager users tend to use other social media networks these days. Why? Because of the junk that overcomes the News Feed. As if the hiding algorithm of Facebook isn’t tough to handle, users also have to choose undesirable comments. Luckily, you have  Facebook hide comments option.

For those who used to have some privacy sustain in the world of social media blogging and social influencer, gaining knowledge of how to hide comment sections can support such an objective, instead of logging out or uninstalling the app completely, there are simple and easy methods of hiding the comments section on Facebook.  

Most popular online platforms provide a technique to hide comments, and on the top lists are Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, Live Journal, and Word Press. Gaining knowledge to remove comments permanently on these platforms will permit you a strong atmosphere and the capability to distinguish who can and cannot comment on your social accounts. Before we start involving it, though, here are some easy steps on the variance among hiding a comment, deleting a comment section.  

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What is the reason for hiding comments on Facebook?  

If you are hiding comments on Facebook then it will just create the comment disappear from your side and for the individual who commented, but your mutual friends can easily view it at any time. You can only be capable of hiding a Facebook comment from limited users, like unwanted friends or your relatives. You can also hide Facebook comments that have contained grammatical mistakes. When you don’t support or as a comment but aren’t sure about that if you need to delete it forever, then you can use this solution.   

We all know deleting the comment section will erase the whole comments fully and permanently think twice that you wish it gone before clicking this option! You, the individual who commented it, and the friends you have in mutual will no longer be capable to view it. You can remove unnecessary comments. You can remove comments, which reveal your secrets and harm your privacy without your permission. These are few examples to understand where hiding a comment option may not be appropriate.  

Few Reasons to hide Facebook comments 


Have you ever faced a situation when a single Facebook comment took away all the effort you placed into making a successful Facebook post? Does it occur, especially when you come back home after a long day at work?  

Probabilities are you have. Some followers are trolls, haters, or spammers, and it is a good thing not to be worried. Here are few instances of possibilities when it is good or even suitable to hide the worthless content.   

Incorrect sentence or content 

Facebook is a social domain, and the social media organizer has to make it clear. Facebook comments containing racist, sexist, or homophobic comments, hate language, and unsuitable image content should be unseen. Links which having viruses, once an individual taps on a spammy link that is displayed, whether you need it or not, on your site, they’ll possibly never return. What is extra, they may share their practices with other users. Thus, you may lose your customers’ faith.  

Auto advertisement  

Some Facebook profiles may try to copy your written content and try to capture your customer’s attention to increase traffic on their sites by sharing links in the comments section.   

There are certain circumstances where hiding a comment on Facebook may be the reason for a losing game. It does not even matter if a user consuming a busy day or the business being at liability for doing something mistaken. No one is interested in looking at a poor analysis or criticism displayed on their public social media profiles.  

How do you hide Facebook comments easily?  Hide-Facebook-comments

Step 1: Making a rule of yours  

To make a rule that will spontaneously hide selective comments, go to your “Inbox” and tap on the “Auto-moderation” button, which is present in the top right-side corner. Now you will view a pop-up window on your screen. You can find the “add new rule” option in the right top corner. You have to tap on it.   

Step 2: giving the title of your rule  

Primarily, give your rule a suitable title. A well-planned title will support you to get the rule in the list of rules that you form. Then, select the account that you want your rule will put on.   

Step 3: Describing the trigger  

Currently, it’s the appropriate time to select the trigger, fix the content type that your rule will put on. In the case of Facebook, you can select from a variety of content categories. Give a view at the list mentioned below:  

When you select the trigger, you can limit the rule more specifically by describing terms and conditions. Keep in mind that the terms and conditions sometimes vary for different kinds of triggers. You will have to select the option “Ads comments” as your trigger and, as you need to hide comments including links, your condition should be “Only comments including links”.  

Step 4: Describing tags  

If you are familiar with socioleads’ inbox type, you may be following user tags for example spammer or lead. You can easily compress your rule down to your friends earlier tagged with a positive label.  

Step 5: Describing keywords selection  

If you want to automatically hide  , including positive sentences or words, you can attach them to the “Keywords” segment. Then, Auto-moderation mode will start working on comments keywords. You can avoid this fact if it does not put on to the case. If you do not contain suitable keywords, Auto-moderation will still start working for your given triggers and terms.  

Step 6: Describing activities  

In this situation, you are ended-up describing the trigger, and it’s the right time to choose what you should do with the comments in the end. You have many options to choose among hiding, delete, and archive or flag the received comments.  

When hiding comments are activities, which impact what occurs with the comment directly on Facebook, the purposes of archiving, and flagging comments work only inside Socioleads that support you to well establish content inside Inbox. You will get all the affected comments in the end in the following folders in your Inbox: Hidden, Deleted, Archived, and Flagged content.  

Step 7: Describing automatic responses  

Except this, you can also choose to post a response to the comments that you have clear. You can select between two choices: give your response in a comment section and answer in a private message or chat box. Undoubtedly which one you select, it’s only up to you, you can give up to 20 different replies, and Socioleads will be randomly selecting between one of them to be posting every time the rule is triggered.  

Step 8: Try to schedule the rule 

If you wish your rule to work only at particular times of the week, you can specify the period inside the “Rule schedule” option.  

Step 9: Setting notifications   

Set up e-mail notifications to keep updated each time the rule is triggered. If you think that your rules will have several things to do, avoid these notifications you get because you do not wish to get a new e-mail at each second, do you?   

How Sociolead is useful in automatically hiding comments?  socioleads

  1. Analyze social media content for the subject, life events, and personality dimensions. 
  2. Integrates digital marketing and CRM data machine learning to rank top prospects, referrers, and influencers.    
  3. Significance of chatbot marketing and notification systems provide instant access to actionable data from your social networks.  
  4. Customer engagement


Keep in mind that in several conditions in hiding comments may be the reason for a losing game. It is better to get a solution before too late and replies constructively because, in the end, feedback is a subject matter. When you get hateful comments, spam, auto advertisement in your post, that time only uses the option of hiding comments.  

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