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Facebook Pixel: What Is It & How To Use It?

Your social media strategy is explanatory for your success. One of the great benefits of creating a social media strategy is that it gets you the ability to track, test, and target your business ads with precision – resulting in retaining and attracting more clients.

The prime social media strategy includes Instagram and Facebook ads, and you need Facebook pixel – and its data-gathering ability – to take your social platform ads to the next level. Read on to learn how Facebook pixel works & the key elements you need to know about how to use Facebook Pixel.

What is the Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is an extract of code that you place on your website. It helps track conversions & collects data from Facebook ads, builds targeted audiences for future ads, optimizes these ads, and rebrands to clients who have already visited and have browsed through your website. It helps you captivate attention and retains clients interested in your service.

How does the Facebook Pixel work?

You must be browsing a website, perhaps a retail website looking for a specific branded item but with no intentions to buy them. You will start seeing relevant ads for the same product on your next visit to Facebook or Instagram.

The Facebook Pixel performs for checking clients’ cookies as customers show interest in your product on an online platform, like Facebook and Instagram. The motive is that any potential client visits your website but won’t purchase your product or service. The next time they log in & see the product as an ad. It is a targeted ad reminding them of your service – to purchase your service.

It’s called retargeting. It’s how most marketers and businesses remind their audiences to come back and buy products that are in E-commerce shopping carts over the internet. It reminds users that our services still exist. Remarketing is not the only purpose of Facebook Pixel. Tracking and optimization of your ad. If used tools effectively, They will help you retain more prospective clients.

From what shows you are watching to news articles you read & what purchases make. All the things you search for on the internet browser Facebook Pixel will be tracked & Keeps data. In turn, ads can be targeted and tailored to reach you and make your shopping experience.

The Facebook Pixel tracks various actions users take on your website – such as making a purchase. Facebook calls these actions events. Here are the 17 standard Facebook Pixel events list can easily copy and paste the Facebook event code:

  • Purchase: The client buys a product on your website.
  • Complete registration: The client completes a registration form on your site – for example, a subscription form.
  • Lead: The client who signs up for a trial version is known as a lead on your site.
  • Add payment info: The client enters their payment information in the checkout process on your website.
  • Add to Wishlist: The client adds an item to a Wishlist on your site.
  • Add to cart: The client adds a product to their shopping cart on your site (but does not buy it).
  • View content: The client searches on a specific page on your website.
  • Find a location: The client searches for your service’s physical location.
  • Search: The client uses the search button for your website.
  • Customize product: The client selects a specific product model, such as choosing a color.
  • Initiate checkout: The client starts the checkout process to buy something from your site (but does not necessarily complete it).
  • Go for a free trial: The user needs to sign up to get a free trial of your product.
  • Fill up the form: The user requests for your product, features, or program, like a credit card.
  • Subscribe: The user lastly subscribes if they feel satisfied with an investment product or service.

Using extra codes, known as parameters, you can add more details to your standardized events. These allow you to customize based on factors, such as content type, the worth of conversion event, currency, and prediction on long-term value – allowing you to make your advertising more effective!

How many Facebook Pixels do I need?

Facebook lets you create up to 100 pixels in your account. However, you do not require that many pixels unless you have more websites with different targeted audiences. One Facebook Pixel with sufficient data to improve ad targeting and create effective Facebook ads.

You can use the Facebook Pixel code to track your events on:

  • Time on page
  • Pageviews
  • Scroll depth
  • Purchase
  • Add to cart
  • And more

Now that you know the basics, It is time to create your Facebook Pixel & use them to work on your website.

How to set up Facebook pixel 

  • Installing the Facebook Pixel Helper is Pretty much easy. You can make it happen with a few tabs.
  • You need to have the Chrome browser installed on your system.
  • Once that’s taken care of, go to the Chrome Webstore for Extensions and search for the Facebook Pixel Helper.
  • After that, click Add Extension and Add to Chrome.
  • You can see it on any website which will have the Facebook Pixel installed. A blue icon appears means that the pixel is present.

What is the Facebook Pixel Helper

the Facebook Pixel Helper

Even though it sounds fancy, the Facebook Pixel Helper is just a Chrome extension. The Google web browser comes with an extension that is the essential plugin. The Facebook Pixel Helper helps when you want to troubleshoot or check that the pixels or the standard events for pixels are the right way. You can also clearly see whether the pixel fires correctly & whether the correct pixel is on the sites. Multiple pixels are on the sites & the tracking does not work at times.

Benefits of using Facebook pixel

Imagine if 70% of the people who visit your website would look at your products, take a demo, ask questions to your team, do not place their order & finally leave!

Fortunately, it’s a common thing in the online world. On average, between 50 to 60% of customers who will visit your digital menu will leave without placing an order.

Adding your Facebook Pixel is the solution to convert more visitors into potential buyers.

Why is it useful?

Users who visited your website or your Chatfood menu are probably the effortless audiences to finally convince you to buy from you. You want to keep in touch. 

By installing the Facebook Pixel, you will create this type of audience that you can use to run ads to those same users on Instagram or Facebook.

What’s even better?


The second incredible effect of the Facebook pixel is that it also records all the people who placed an order!

Here, we offer you a phenomenal tool called Socioleads that helps you find on Facebook or Instagram people who look like your customers and allows you to run ads to them.

SocioLeads is a comprehensive and powerful engagement software for your brand’s messaging and improving your social media presence.

It’s an Intelligent no-code live chatbot & social media auto-engagement tool.

  • Follow up your leads with automated early-stage personalized interactions.
  • Build brand engagement with social media platform likes, comments & replies on autopilot.

Benefits of Socioleads

  • With just a few clicks, intelligent automated messaging setup.
  • Welcome message for Facebook page subscription.
  • Messaging at scale.
  • Increase response and visibility with perfect timing.
  • Facebook user engagement via auto-commenting & auto-messaging.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting, Easy to understand.
  • Autoresponder Campaigns with Automation for leading platforms.


With Facebook advertising, you have plenty of opportunities to engage the audience & convert visitors into buyers. The kind of data presented by the Facebook Pixel will help you retarget your ads to potential users in the future.

The analytics tool provides excellent insights into your audience, promotes ads to audiences who have shown interest in your products & enhances the overall efficiency of your ad campaigns.

Do your business a favor & tap into that pixel goodness!

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