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An Easy Way To Find, Monitor & Get "Intent Based" Leads From Social Networks

"The cheapest & The fastest way to get leads from Facebook & LinkedIn"

🗸 Get leads from Facebook & LinkedIn
🗸 Facebook & LinkedIn Groups Search & Monitoring
🗸 Monitor groups for specific Keyword Activity
🗸 Get unlimited amounts of leads for no added cost

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Who uses SocioLeads

Here's How It Works

Step 1: Add Groups you want to monitor/Search for leads.

Step 2:  Enter the keywords you want to search leads for.

Step 3: Get intent based leads, ready for taking action.

Features & Options

Search / Monitor Multiple Facebook & LinkedIn Groups.

Get leads of people who have shown, post/comment activity involving your keywords.

Export list of All The Leads In A .CSV file.

Search & monitor groups for specific keyword activity.

live search & display of all the related posts in one scroll-able tile format.

View & Sort Leads data using different variables like: date, No. of comments, no. of shares & more.

How It Works "Behind The Scenes"

We developed a powerful chrome extension that automatically does all the search & monitoring so you don’t have to.

SLP uses a Machine Learning Algorithm which looks for buying intent or search intent in posts and comments.​

Using the power of Artificial Intelligence, our systems automatically understand users activity & qualifies them as leads.

Our system then gathers all the data & organises it under different variables, making it more useable for its users.

How People Are Using It (Use Cases)

Drew runs a Survey SAAS, drew adds all the IM groups where he know most bloggers & website owner hang out, he then adds keywords like “Survey or Survey Plugin” now any time there will be any discussion that will mention the word “Survey” it will get saved as a lead. drew now has a list of people who may be interested in his survey service.

Lucy is in the business of providing WordPress customisation software, now she want to find every single activity that happening around her keywords of interests, for example “wordpress customisation plugin or wp customisation” using SocioLeads, she can now instantly see all those related posts from all different groups in one scroll-able tile format & find new leads.

Experience The Power Of Automation In Your Quest Of Finding Targeted Leads
With SocioLeads!

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Socio Leads- Leads Acquisition on Steroids 😉

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