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Easy to implement with an intuitive UI and stellar UX

SocioLeads was created with the single purpose of simplifying leads-to-sales conversion. All the functions and numbers in the world are useless if they’re hard to understand.

Everything in SocioLeads is driven by feedback from product, support, and IT stakeholders. There’s no guesswork. We’ve only implemented what felt right to our users.

Automation tools your team will actually find useful

Intelligent automated messaging set up with just a few clicks

No coding necessary. SocioLeads’ intuitive UI makes it easy to create your own intelligent chat-bots in minutes. Make your messages feel personal by customizing them with short codes that will dynamically populate the recipient’s name.

Facebook page subscription welcome message

Behind every “Like” there’s a person who wants to be acknowledged. Don’t let that opportunity slip by. SocioLeads will automatically send out a customizable welcome message to those people who subscribe to your Facebook page. Get the conversation going right away, or miss out on potential leads.

Messaging at scale

As your user base grows, you need to be able to scale your communication. SocioLeads gives you the ability to send out messages in bulk to your whole subscriber base. Don’t let social media dictate your reach. Your users cose to hear from you. Give them that opportunity.

Maximize response and visibility with perfect timing

With SocioLeads, you can schedule social media messaging to go out at just the right time for maximum engagement. And with three dedicated scheduling messages, you can go as granular as you want.

Facebook engagement via auto-commenting and auto-messaging

Treat your engaged visitors with the attention they deserve. SocioLeads’ auto-commenting and auto-messaging functionality allows you to reply to visitors’ comments at both post and page level. Leave no comment unanswered, and no interaction unattended.

Easy to understand, detailed analytics and reporting

Track all of the important metrics, including messages, comments, likes and fans. Find out what your users are engaging with, so you can give them more of it.

A simple and user-friendly UI allows you to zoom in on your data for a more granular view, or zoom out for a fully-comprehensive overview. Drag sideways for a quick comparison without the hassle of cumbersome date-pickers and confusing menus.

Autoresponder Campaigns with integrations for leading platforms

Social media is a great tool, but it’s ultimately owned by someone else, and they dictate the terms. Once you’ve engaged with your leads on social media, bring them into your mailing list for more direct access.

SocioLeads integrates with industry-leading email platforms such as Mailchimp, iContact, Drip and Sendgrid.

Create engaging autoresponder campaigns to keep in touch with your subscribers and stay top of mind, so that when it’s time to buy, your brand will be the first they think about.

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