How To Outplay Facebook Algorithm for Better Marketing Outcomes?

We hope the humanitarian disaster the world is facing right now may get resolved soon. Expectantly, there will be peaceful springs everywhere around the world. 

In the prevailing era, the information does not depend on the media and newspapers. Instead, they come from a direct source and are faster than the third party. Social media platforms are the most active communication medium whose audience varies from celebrities, politicians, famous individuals, and this medium contains accurate and direct information.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are the information zones for the whole masses. Additionally, these platforms are the foremost battleground for marketing brands. Facebook’s organic reach crossed approx around 5.20%. Yes! It might be a daunting task to supreme the marketing strategies to retain organic reach and engagement, but an acquaintance of the Facebook algorithm can ease the task. 

Nobody gets time to invest in studying and researching the algorithm and additional facts. However, there are plenty of tools options available in the market to save your social media presence. 

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The Facebook algorithm attracts the audiences by engaging the posts to show in our news feed depending upon the factors. However, social media algorithms are a puzzling task, as it gets challenging to crack them. So, what are the Facebook algorithms, how do they work, and what are the tactics to solve them?

What is the Facebook Algorithm?

What is Facebook Algorithm?

The Facebook algorithm’s mission is to analyze which posts will get higher engagement in the feed. Although, Facebook acknowledges the mystery that arises that it works on a single algorithm. It has multiple layers of machine learning and programs to apprehend and resolve.

The fascinating fact is that the Facebook algorithm evaluates, scores, and then arranges in descending order before appearing in the active user’s news feeds.  However, you might be thinking, what is the fascinating thing about it? Just recall this action happening again for each of 2.7 billion active users whenever they refresh their news feeds. Astonishing, right? 

Brands and businesses are precautionary concerned about the marketing methods on the platform. But Facebook and other social media platforms have always been challenging and confusing regarding the algorithm and approaches to decipher it.

Contemporary Advances in the New Facebook Algorithm in 2021


In the late 2020s, Facebook’s organic reach was sinking to 5.2%. As before 2019, it was approx 7.7%. It initiates counteracting the content more challenging for stigmatized organic traffic for the marketing strategies. However, we all know that the perfect marketing strategy does include organic and paid content on balance clutching over the curation process for the Facebook algorithm benefits a lot. So without any further delay, let us solve the mysterious intellects behind the platform algorithm.

The most evident updates for 2021 ;

  • Facebook from this year, prioritizing posts in groups and events. To emphasize the two facts why users visit Facebook every day.
  • Facebook promoted hashtag listing whenever posting content. As hashtags are the competent way for better reach on Facebook.

While retaining the significant updates in the Facebook algorithm, some of the approaches can highlight the content in the platforms. However, the latest updates can be a daunting task, but the algorithm’s newest goal is to promote the best shorts, high-quality, and engaging posts. Continuing, here are 07 tactics for better curation of the content balancing with the Facebook algorithm.

07 Tactics to Cure the Content as per Facebook Algorithm for Marketing Strategies


Interact with the Audience

Apprehending audiences and their preferences clutched the best positions in the social media strategies. Some may call this targeting the audience, analyzing, interacting, and other metrics. Similarly, the Facebook algorithm works on the same metrics and factors, usually content preferred by the audience gets a score by the machine learning and shoots a better range with the high appearance in the news feeds. 

Interacting with the audience and conversing with them will also engage the followers with the brands. It will also add to your marketing strategies of planning the content to generate more leads and attract more audience interest towards the brand.

Try to converse in the Facebook groups, join the discussions, educate the communities, share about your brand will surely blow the organic traffics.

Post on Right Time

Facebook-algorithmRight timing is a crucial factor not only in the game of algorithms but in life also. After knowing your audience, apprehending the right time for posting when the audience is active is vital so your post will not get wasted. Posting at an accurate time will let the post circulate to the right audience and get the desired engagement. Furthermore, it automatically signals the algorithm to flag the content to a more voluminous range.

Posting at the time when the audience is online helps the content to appear a thousand times. It is not we who are stressing on the right timing, Facebook also keeps accentuating this fact.

 Go Live!

facebook-algorithmDuring this pandemic, when humankind on the earth got stuck at home, Facebook live videos were more intense. According to some surveys, it spiked up to 50% in the US.

The reason why video content gets rank is that it gets 6x more engagement and reactions and also lets the audience connect with you virtually, which is now a tradition.

Say No to Misleading Information

 👉 Believe us, Do not do it! Keep the devil inside! Or else the algorithm will kick out your content and might be pages also. 

 👉 Don’t use the link that uses irritated or stolen content, 

 👉 Misleading message and fake story 

 👉 Misleading health reports and threatening unsubstantiated cures 

 👉 Fraudulent viral videos. 

Create and Share Great Content 

One of the best marketing approaches gets a boost with high-quality content, like, how informative blog posts are, patterns, visuals, and video elements. 

Content generically thrusts the interests of the users and prompts them to better know the brand. Analyze how frequently posting your content can help the brand, the sorts of content that gets the most engagements, and research the metrics that favor it.

Facebook Ads 

Apart from the Facebook original reach, Facebook ads are yet another significant factor for the algorithm as it is impacting users’ time spent on the platforms. The reasons are they are highly effective. 

Facebook ads are flexible and scalable, yet these metrics are challenging to achieve merely with organic approaches. Remember your marketing approaches for organic reach and engagement, plus Facebook ads are like the booster engine when applying the marketing strategies.

Analyze the Facebook Insights 

facebook-insightsFacebook divulges the tasks of analysis by optimizing the features of Insights to overcome the restricted Facebook algorithm and setting the parameters for organic engagements. 

Take advantage of the Facebook insights to retain the performance graph, audience demographics, audience engagement with the particular content, ease the task of analyzing the research, and scrutinizing that will work.

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What’s Your Outlook About the New Facebook Algorithm?

Whether you like it or not, the Facebook algorithm is the one mighty element for the social media strategies which are non-negotiable. It’s like that each content published gets judged and marked by the algorithm, which determines whether it is worth appearing in the news feed or not.

Marketers and strategists keep in line with the Facebook fittest practices to get the content ranked high. It necessitates some quality freedom to research and analyzes what types of content are favored by the Facebook algorithm. And there SocioLeads jumps in to automate every social media presence-related task and fire you to have the research timing.

So what are your thoughts about the Facebook algorithm changes? Challenging? Puzzling ? or not worth trying? 

Let us know in the comment section below.


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