Customer Engagement: What Is It And Is There A Right Way To Go About It?

When we talk about consumers, we often talk about ways to retain them for the longevity of the relation between the customer and the organization. This relationship is called customer engagement and is put forth by the company but ultimately chosen by the consumer. 

Customer Engagement has found a new identity and vitality in an organization’s code of conduct. It ensures that the customers, having once interacted with the organization, keep finding their ways back because all their requirements and feedback are acknowledged. A customer that sees an organization making an effort to engage them is happy.

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Customer engagement can be widely classified into two types:

  • Offline Customer Engagement: In times like these, offline customer engagement usually comes secondary but works hand-in-hand with online customer engagement. When the customers interact with our organization in person, they get influenced by the strategies implemented by online customer engagement. It leads us to its other counterpart.
  • Online Customer Engagement: In these rapidly changing times, technology has come a long way to evolve. This evolution of technology has helped organizations interact and keep their customers engaged longer than usual when going through their websites. Engagement comes from online social media platforms with no communication barriers between the customers and the organization.

The customers can freely communicate their feedback, suggestions, and queries to the organization. Even after an interaction, these organizations need to keep their customers’ attention wrapped up in their products, which leads to revenue generation. If the quality of the products sold catches a keen eye of a consumer, they are called loyal customers and are sure to return to buy another product later in the future.

With this rapid increase in the growth of technology over all these years, patience is a virtue very few have. Customers, when they interact with an organization, for example, XYZ person has something to enquire about from ABC brand, they could look up the brand on their favorite social media platform and directly message them. It’s on the brand to see this as a golden opportunity to engage with the customer, addressing their queries which can, in turn, lead to them nurturing a relationship with the customer.

It is rewarded later in terms of their contacts reaching out and trying out the products by ABC brand and then spreading goodwill about the brand through word of mouth. Customer engagement can be very fruitful to a business in the long run if done in the right ways and ensures a good image of one’s brand in the industry by just being a business that listens to its consumers.

Making your Customer Engagement impactful:


In this day of digital customer engagement, an organization or a brand needs to communicate with its consumers. It becomes a window for the customers to get in touch with your brand and its experiences and facilitates them forming a relationship with your brand. Proactively interacting with your consumers makes them feel cared which is appreciated by everybody. It leads to a better brand image and reputation among their customers.

Because the customers today are so tech-savvy, brands need to put themselves out there on different social media platforms and make their customers feel they are not just an order number but an actual individual with specific needs. Hence they require informative and memorable experiences with the brand for them to be motivated. They want something meaningful from the brand along with the products they purchase. 

Today, because there are so many social media platforms for these customers to engage with our brands, it’s easy to lose track and slack off on some of them. It’s cumbersome for a single person to handle so many different accounts for a brand, as every customer, as said before, is their separate entity and requires to be replied to on time with meaningful information which would propagate the relationship between the customer and the organization itself. It gets hectic for a single person to manage all the accounts across all the various platforms promptly.

Fortunately, a lot of applications out there have been developed to help you out and get out of this pickle, one of them is SocioLeads.

If you have a brand under your ownership and are struggling to respond to all the queries, and the silence from your end is destroying your relationships with your customers, then SocioLeads might just be what you need.

Socioleads: Engage with your customers even when you cannot.


Socioleads helps you and your business by responding to your customers on your behalf, so you don’t have to. Conversations between a customer and a brand are mostly queries that require generic responses till the customer elaborates. These responses, however generic they are, are still a gruesome task for any human to accomplish.

Socioleads takes that off your hand, so you interact with the consumer only when it’s needed. The customer engagement strategies laid out by Socioleads are foolproof and work with different social media platforms with instant messaging throughout the internet. 

Customers interact with brands more through instant messaging. They are likely to stick with the brand and like it if their queries are addressed on time which is the key in any social media campaign.

Socioleads lets you automate all your responses, so you don’t have to spend your resources on a human moderator to sit and respond to all the ‘hello’s and ‘hi’s of all the people texting your brand. It leads to a lot of time and money saved on the brand’s end, which can be used in some other area where it is needed.

It’s not just messages, but customers love it when brands reply to their comments in front of all the public to see and make them feel valued as a customer. Socioleads auto responds to not only direct messages but comments too on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

Socioleads will help you in your customer engagement strategies with all the following tools available at your disposal to help you build better relationships with your consumers. They are:

  • Site Tracking: Socioleads gives you insights on how many people interact with your website that helps you use that information to convert these potential customers into revenue-generating customers.
  • Automated Reports: It is easy to keep track and analyze if some strategy is not working for you. Socioleads provides you with daily self-automated reports of all the interactions made by the AI to see if there’s something wrong that’s going on.
  • AI ChatBots: Socioleads provides you with AI Chatbots which are fully programmable and are set to respond with the appropriate responses to the right customers. 
  • Automated Goals: Several activities can be initiate upon hitting a certain number of likes, comments all from Socioleads, and implementation of self-made goals with the simplified UI provided by Socioleads.

Why should you use Socioleads?

Socioleads helps you save all the money that you might be spending on customer care. Human respondents scratch their heads and are shocked at the massive number of messages flowing in during a social media campaign on every platform they have on their screen. It gets overwhelming for a single person or a team to keep track of all these consumers. But at the same time, each one of these consumers has to be treated as an individual as they have the potential to be revenue-generating customers. It’s vital to respond to every message, comment, or query that shows up on our page. Socioleads will ease you into customer engagement and ensure that all your customers leave satisfied with their experience. Make sure to check out Socioleads!

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