How to do Facebook live

How To Do Facebook live: Step By Step Guide

In Facebook live you can  telecast instant videos from an android device or PC. Marketers use this asset for its affluence: modification is not essential, and the legitimacy of the recording asks permission from audiences. Reliable content rules and Facebook Live permit you to be authentic. Therefore, the context itself is extraordinary and doesn’t objectify Facebook Live too simply. The more you are acquainted with the feature’s functionalities, the more you’ll get away from it.  

Live video is being emphasized progressively by nearly all social platforms. But Facebook, the social giant, makes life extremely easy, particularly when you’re browsing it from your mobile apps. Only clicking the red Go Live option doesn’t mean that you’re doing it the right technique that will help you to gain more potential audiences, increase traffic, and overall generate revenue and influence for your brand or business.   

Facebook Live allows you to attach with your followers and family members and communicate with them with the support of the comments box. Currently, we will guide you through some steps so that you can go live on Facebook.   

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Why is Facebook Live necessary, and how is it beneficial to us?  

Benefits-of-Facebook-LiveFacebook Live permits you to telecast live videos on your Facebook account. Live is accessible to all Facebook accounts and sites, on iOS, Android devices, or through the Facebook application. The live broadcast can be valid for up to 4 hours, and it will be noticeable on your homepage and the telecaster’s account or site. Once done, videos will show on the site or page of the telecaster till they select to delete it.  

Here are some examples of the variety of forms of Facebook Live:  

  • Follow trending issues and comment on viral news  
  • Tell people your genuine story  
  • Response all queries  
  • Display a ‘Behind the Scenes’ shoot  

Cast-off correctly, Facebook Live offers a prominent way to make a strong connection with your followers, expand your viewers’ number, and advertise your brand. Live video permits you to debate your thoughts and opinions on a specific topic with your viewer and make bonding with your followers through real-time incidents.  

If you are using Facebook Live for the first time, then before going live you will have to do the practice. Here are some tips to think when practicing:  

  • Discover what kind of broadcast it will be –Check out the list; will your live video turn into a message for everyone, a question-and-answer discussion, a debate on a current issue in your place, or something trending happening in your area?    
  • Make notes and make a habit of using them – To make your broadcast influencing and save you from facing an awkward situation, create lists that you can use if you wish to.  
  • Keep in mind it is termed Facebook Live for some specific reasons –   

No one is thinking of a flawlessly introduced video, and actually, the more realistic the act, the more your viewers will join you.  

Advertise your broadcast with all your followers  

It is significant to say to your followers in advance of time while you will be going live. It supports make expectancy and uses customer time to ensure that they are free and available to view throughout the programmed phase.  

  • Publish status updates informing users when you will be going to live and what is your discussion topic.  
  • Modify your Facebook cover picture to show a picture endorsing your life, with a message overlay announcing the time and topic of your live broadcast.  
  • Advertise your live video broadcasting on other social networks, on your WordPress webpage, and by your email list.  

Confirm you take sufficient time to advertise your broadcast. The more you find the text out there, the higher the statistics of customers you will get.  

 Check your live broadcast settings 

Before you are all set to go live, you will be required to check your live video’s settings. To make this happen, you will have to choose the Live Video option from the top of your Facebook homepage then Facebook will request access to your system’s camera and audio.  

Your camera will instantly be turned on after that, and the settings for your live broadcast will be publicized. Let’s have a clear view of what you require to check?  

  • Select the platform where to publish your live broadcast – you can select the option whether to post your broadcast on your newsfeed, on a group page, or on your admin page.  
  • Make a statement for your live broadcast – An attractive text will catch followers’ consideration, support them to recognize what your life is all about, and influence them to join you.  
  • Choose who should watch the live broadcast –Select your potential followers, with a few options of choosing from Public to Friends, Friends of Friends, and Only Me. The last option is for those who have not gone live before so they can practice live video without a follower.  
  • Title – Make a title of your live broadcast that shows the focal point of discussion discussed.  
  • Labels – If you are going live on an account, you can give labels to support in creating the video more approachable.  

How to do Facebook Live on an android device 

Facebook Live on an android device

Here’s how to go live on Facebook and get several benefits from your broadcast.   

Step 1: First click on the “Live Video” icon.

From the News Feed segment, press the “Live” option.  

On the other hand, you can visit your account, tab on the “What’s on your mind?” section, then slide next to select “Live Video.”   

If you’re focused, permit Facebook access to your camera and audio section.  

Step 2: Set the camera direction.

Select either the front or back camera. All Facebook Live videos are in right-angled format, so you don’t need to take tension about transferring straight or erect.  

Step 3: Select your privacy setting.   

Select who will be able to watch your live video. If you wish to practice Facebook Live before you broadcast to a viewer, then select the “Only me” option from your privacy setting, which is present under “See All.”  

Step 4: Make a statement.  

The statement will be found on the homepage, above the video. Meanwhile, you wish people who watch the live broadcast front page should be convincing and activity-oriented.  

Step 5: Put tags, thoughts, or actions.  

Tag followers by using @ sign or pressing the tag sign. You can tag your current place and put a thought or action. By giving this information, you can advance your broadcast’s range and traffic.  

Step 6: Put exciting emojis and filters in your video.  

Click the bar on the bottom left to get filters, emojis, and tools to use on your video.  

Step 7: Go live from your Facebook page.

When you set all the things properly you can begin Live broadcasts from your Facebook page. Go to the “Start Live Video” section and then click on it. You’ll notice a countdown, and then you’ll begin recording.  

Step 8: Speak about yourself and the theme.

At the initial stage of your life, speak about yourself and describe a summary of what you’re publishing. During the live session, briefly describe yourself and the theme for new audiences who are only visiting your page.  

Step 9: Communicate with your audiences.  

As you go live, you can watch the earlier time on the upper left of your display, and you’ll also see how many viewers are watching live. Comments will seem on the bottom of the newsfeed in inverse sequential order. Welcome your observers by saying names and responding to their comments by interacting with them during live.   

Step 10: End live.  

Inform your watchers that you’re going to end your life, show gratitude to them for viewing, and leave them with convene. To end the live, tab “Finish.” You can then select to publish the recorded video replay if you wish.   

How to do Facebook Live on Computer  

Facebook Live on Computer  

In this digital era, there are times when it’ll be easier to go live from your PC than a mobile device. A few steps for going to Facebook Live on your computer are similar to with an android device.  

Step 1: Click on the Facebook Live icon.  

From your homepage screen, go to the “What’s on your mind” section. Click on the three-dot sign. It will show you the main menu, where you’ll get the “Live Video” section.  

Step 2: Select the select you’ll use for broadcasting.

Select among broadcasting from your desktop or attach your PC to an exterior recording device.  

Step 3: Set of connections for broadcast.   

The Facebook Live possibilities appear as a bit dissimilar on the computer as on android devices, and you don’t have several possibilities when it derives to tools like filters and emojis. You can select the platform where to post your live video, for example, on your newsfeed or in a group of potential followers. You can make a statement and tag followers or places or share your thoughts or actions.   

Step 4: Go live.     

Tab on the “Go Live” option present on the bottom right of the display. The countdown will come out, and then you are all set for the live broadcasting.  



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The fact of Facebook Live is to be unclarified, the opposite of scripted and edited. If your equipment goes haywire, you lose your train of thought or have a sneezing attack, roll with it. That’s the reason why people love to watch live streams.  

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