05 Reasons Why Live Customer Chat Is Better Than Phone Support

Customer service is like a tower of strength for any business, greasing the wheels with sustainable customer support and allowing them to flourish. Do you know how to keep your customers satisfied? How can you ensure that you have an active customer service toolbox at your fingertips? Well! Customer service is a cut-throat game that is in full swing at the moment. With said that- live customer chat is an integral part that puts all one’s eggs in one basket, offering them a platform to communicate with customers in real-time.

And since the competition is at its peak, customer satisfaction is one of the main differentiators between success and failure. What about you? What, according to you, serves best for customer satisfaction? Is it Live customer chat or phone support?

Thoughts On Customer Satisfaction

You would probably be in a dilemma in choosing the ideal solution for your company. On the other hand, live chat and phone support are the most apparent alternatives for offering personalized assistance. In spite of these differences, live chat is an effective way to reassure and nurture your online client base.

In the battle of live chat vs. phone, live chat is more satisfying than phone calls by 73 percent, whereas phone calls are more satisfying by 44 percent.

However, the benefits of live chat go well beyond providing your consumers with a faster and more comfortable option to contact your customer support staff. Along with enhancing customer service, live chat may also increase agent efficiency, help you better understand your consumers, and assist you with product-related decisions.

So, with that in mind, this blog will uncover the roots of live customer chats dominating phone support.

Live Chat vs. Phone Support

Live chat support allows consumers to have a text-based interaction with a customer service team of the business. Customers receive both proactive and reactive support. That means the support team or an AI bot reaches out to customers instead of waiting for them to come to you or can be initiated by the customer whenever they need help.

While in the case of phone support, people claim that chat is only an advanced form of a phone call which is true, at some point. Phone calls provide reactive support that means the support team provides customers with the help they need. 

However, both methods have a place in the canon of customer care technology, and when used together, they improve the customer experience. Even though live customer chat beats phone support, it is still a go-to method for some customers that are not much aware of using live chat. 

Below are the 05 reasons why live customer chat is better than phone support & is vital for customer support

Proactive support

Like I already stated above, one notable difference between live customer chat and phone support has to be the timings of the same.

When a consumer calls customer service, they receive reactive service, which is when the customer begins a discussion with the representative. From a proactive support channel, reactive service may win the race. It calls for unwanted repercussions like customers may browse your site and then leave without purchasing anything.

However, when customers receive proactive help, they are more likely to make a final decision, check out, and make a larger purchase. In essence, the goal is to gently nudge customers toward making a purchase by answering their queries about what is stopping them from doing so.

Another benefit of customer support live chat is that it can save you time and money on human agents by leveraging chatbots. Socioleads is one such tool that can respond to customer requests outside of business hours with lifelike responses that will warm up and qualify prospects, boosting your agents’ conversion rates, revenue generation, and helps to interact with the right customers.

Keeping records

Since both phone support and live chat come up with records and reviewing customer conversations, one key factor that beats phone support is the search text. Yes! You can not really search for text with phone support. Right? 

In addition, text search can expose the necessary details like why and when their customers will need most of their help. The detailed insights of live chat analytics are what make us bet all our stakes into: Be it referral links, number of visits, active or idle status, number of chats, and location, it keeps us in the loop.

It lets you discover the most vital aspects of your sales funnel. Optimize the journey of visitors up to the point of sale by strengthening weak links.

Instant Response


Let us just imagine you are stuck with an unsolvable query, and you need to resolve it ASAP. What would you prefer to do, or what will be the most prominent thing the support team can offer you? 

Well! It has to be the instant response that a support team can offer while also being convenient to your customers. Just like Facebook customer support live chat, live chat allows operators to respond to personalized conversations via chat and provide support or reply to customer queries simultaneously to multiple customers. 

That brings us to the point that live customer chat can serve you as a big cheese for service departments dealing with a high volume of easy and moderate support requests.

And being a customer myself, I can undoubtedly say that we are not tolerant towards waiting. Furthermore, Live chat may reduce wait times by a great deal.

What more do we want?

Higher ROI

What is the first thing that comes to your mind while talking about live customer chat? Probably it is just about supporting sales or customer service activities. Am I right?

However, Live chats can back you up with increased ROI. How?

Visitors can communicate directly with you via live chat. On your website, visitors may come across any queries, and it gives them a chance to ask any queries they may have at the moment that makes the path clear for them to purchase. 

Phone and email have always been the mainstays of customer support for many years. Yet maintaining such a system is time-consuming and expensive in terms of time and money.

Like I already said, chatbot tools like Socioleads are not only limited to responding to visitors instantly with simulated responses but also comes up with advanced features like:

  • Optimizes messaging strategy
  • Maximizes conversions while Minimizes expense
  • Real-time customer service
  • Deals with multiple queries at once
  • Automated Social Media Engagement
  • Detailed Analytics and Reporting
  • Auto likes and comments 
  • Automated responses

Socioleads are comparatively cheap to implement and present a wafer of extra benefits making them a superior communication channel.

Long Term Relationships

To make your business reach great heights and for the sustainability of your business, long-term relationships with customers are like a much-needed element.

But how can a longer relationship save someone’s bacon?

Well! I will put it as simply as I can. It increases satisfaction and improves customer experience.

Chatting with your consumers in real-time is a fantastic way to establish long-term relationships. Bonds and loyalty tighten up when consumers believe that you are available to listen.

In fact: 

  • 89 percent of consumers have given up on a brand because of a bad customer service experience.
  • 86 percent of customers are willing to spend 25 percent extra for a superior customer experience.
  • After a great first customer service encounter, 52 percent of consumers have made subsequent purchases from the firm.

These stats are enough to conclude that you can get a customer for life if you come up with superior customer support with live chat on their first visit.

So, Who’s The Clear Winner

Needless to say, Live customer chat is winning the customer support race. Connecting with your consumers used to be a one-way street with questions handled primarily via phone.

However, since time has changed, support services have successfully evolved. And like I already said, live chat is the evolved version of phone support and the most common preference of customers.

There is no better way to be exceptional every time and keep your clients coming back than to use live chat. 

In order to provide a variety of support experiences based on the customer’s preferences and the support team’s abilities, the right live chat support software should allow you to connect real-time chat help with self-service options as well as an email contact point.

Put yourself ahead of the competition by implementing a live chat service and seeing your sales and income rise.

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