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FAQ's ( Frequently Asked Questions )

How does Socioleads Extension Works?

Opening your Facebook profile on chrome will activate Socioleads chrome extension and it will show you all ads on your NewsFeed, ad insights and publishers ads history.

Is Socioleads Extension easy to use?

Yes it is! As soon as you Install, it automatically gets added to your browser making sure that you will be up and running in seconds. Just click on Socioleads icon in your browser and turn it ON.

How do I uninstall Socioleads Extension?

Right click on Socioleads Icon and choose “Remove From Chrome”. That’s it, you can re-install it anytime by coming back to this page.

How much does it cost?

Socioleads extension is FREE to use for Life Time. You can also buy Socioleads plans here and Get Access MILLION of Ads

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